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Finding Seconds to Save Lives

Cal OES Newsroom

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services continues to work towards the implementation of the most sophisticated earthquake early warning system that could potentially save millions of lives.

Based on a whole community approach, today Cal OES hosted a second workshop in San Bernardino County to inform stakeholders of the state’s vision regarding the public-partnership component of the project, an implementation strategy and how to build on existing capabilities, including a strategy for outreach program goals; engagement of the private sector, utilities and transportation agencies; funding support; and other issues. The first workshop was held on May 7 at the California Maritime Academy in Vallejo.

“California has been working on an earthquake early warning system for many years,” said Cal OES Director Mark Ghilarducci. “Technology has improved, so now is the time to get this capability in place and a system that we can count on and be proud off.”

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To accept or not accept that LinkedIn request – Washington Post


LinkedIn combines the politics of job seeking, the nuances of business etiquette and the still new-to-many social protocols of online networking, making it an invaluable yet at times perplexing professional tool.

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